Nursing student Cooper Ferreira said his DEU internship with preceptor Beatrice Newberry Myers, a Rhode Island Hospital nurse, was invaluable in preparing him for a nursing career.

Nursing at Lifespan

National Nurses Week is the perfect time to honor the individual and team efforts of the many nurses who make Lifespan hospitals among the most outstanding in New England – and who every day help us achieve our mission of Delivering health with care.

“It is impossible to overstate the impact that nurses have on our patients. Nurses provide not only medical care but also comfort, peace of mind, and information that enables patients to anticipate what comes next in an unfamiliar situation,” said Timothy J. Babineau, MD, president and chief executive officer.

“Lifespan greatly appreciates and is proud of the nurses who come to work across our system each day,” said Cathy Duquette, PhD, RN, Lifespan’s executive vice president of nursing affairs. “As we celebrate Nurses Week, it is an honor to recognize all nurses for their critical contributions to service excellence and patient safety.”

The following stories are just several examples of the impact Lifespan nurses are having on our patients and community. 

Quality and Safety

“Lifespan is extremely proud of the nurses who come to work each day not only to meet the individual needs of our patients but also to make meaningful contributions to the systematic changes in the delivery of care that benefits all Lifespan patients,” says Cathy Duquette, PhD, RN, Lifespan’s executive vice president of nursing affairs. 

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Nurse Training

“The administration and nursing staff at Rhode Island Hospital saw the value of Dedicated Education Units from the beginning.” - Jane Williams, PhD, RN  Dean of the School of Nursing at Rhode Island College

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Psychiatric Nursing

“You have to see the bigger picture – the whole patient – their family, their environment, cultural factors – not just the diagnosis,” says Karen Fullerton, a Rhode Island Hospital psychiatric clinical nurse specialist.

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A Legacy of Devotion

 Is it possible for the passion for a profession to be passed down? Four generations of Newport County nurses would seem to provide proof of such a trait. Eva Heitmann, a nurse who worked at Newport Hospital in the 1960s, began their family tradition.

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Bringing the Hospital to Critically Ill Children

“To be part of something that makes such a difference in a kid’s life is amazing," says Jodi Russell, a pediatric transport nurse.

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