Patient safety is a quality priority at The Miriam Hospital. All providers are expected to be familiar with essential general safety measures and measures for preventing health care-associated infections.

Students and faculty must complete the mandatory orientation requirements annually. If materials have been completed for a given year, they are not required to be completed until the next year’s materials are posted.

Instructors are responsible for providing TMH with attestations that all requirements have been met before starting their clinical rotations.

Self-Study: Review All Annually

For students and faculty whose schools do not provide an electronic interface to complete the TMH required modules, the modules are linked below.

Print and Complete Annually

The post-test should be completed after reviewing the General Safety and Transmission-Based Precautions materials. If the confidentiality agreement has not been signed through a school’s electronic interface, the linked agreement should be printed and signed. 

Students should give their completed tests and confidentiality agreements to their clinical instructors.

Faculty are responsible for ensuring that their own and their students’ materials are delivered to Cheryl Jollie, Center for Professional Practice and Innovation (formerly CPPD), TMH second floor.

Students and faculty may not begin clinical rotations unless the required documents are on file in CPPI.

Rhode Island Statewide Healthcare Emergency Codes