The transition to practice program, designed for newly licensed nurses, facilitates a positive transition from education to practice with a structure that incorporates national and hospital evidence-based standards. Classes, one-to-one unit-based preceptorships, and computer-based education modules are the primary learning methods.

The goals of the program are to:

  • Increase graduate nurse retention in the nursing profession and at The Miriam Hospital
  • Improve and expand critical thinking skills
  • Improve patient safety and quality in a complex practice environment
  • Improve and expand communication skills and teamwork
  • Incorporate evidence-based research into practice

The outcomes of the program are measured by:

  • Retention rates
  • Data from Casey Fink surveys
  • Individual class evaluation
  • Longitudinal qualitative surveys
  • National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators data trends
  • Exemplars

For more information, please contact the transition to practice NLN Residency Coordinator, Lois Ginsberg, MSN, MS, RN-BC, Center for Professional Practice Development: 401-793-3615 or