Injury Prevention Scholars

Meet the 2017 4-Safety Injury Prevention Scholars

Alex Richard

Home State: Rhode Island

School Attending: University of Notre Dame

Major: Science Pre-Professional Studies and Spanish

Graduation Date: 2020

Injury Prevention Interests and Future Goals: Alex’s interests include traumatic injury prevention (specifically concussion and traumatic brain injury prevention) and car safety practices. After completing his undergraduate education at Notre Dame, Alex plans on pursuing MD and MPH degrees, and eventually returning to serve his community by practicing adult and pediatric emergency medicine in Rhode Island.

Summer Research Topic(s): Heat Stroke and Entrapment

Hannah Montoya

Home State: Massachusetts

School Attending: Brown University

Major: Bachelor of Arts in Public Health; Program in Liberal Medical Education (PLME) – 8 year BA/MD program

Graduation Date: 2019

Injury Prevention Interests and Future Goals:  Hannah is interested water and hot weather safety, as well as issues of healthcare disparities and accessibility. In the public health classes she has taken thus far, she has been shocked to find out just how much of an impact injuries have on mortality rates, and hopes to further explore this in her future studies.

Summer Research Topic(s): Car Seat Safety

Kenzie McCarron

Home State: Massachusetts

School Attending: University of Massachusetts Amherst

Major: Bachelor of Science in Public Health

Graduation Date: 2018

Injury Prevention Interests and Future Goals: Kenzie is interested in distracted driving and compassion in the workplace. She envisions herself working on injury prevention policies as a prospective career because of how important that aspect of public health is to her.

Summer Research Topic(s): Back-overs and Front-overs

Meghan Gonsalves

Home State: Massachusetts

School Attending: Brown University

Major: Cognitive Neuroscience

Graduation Date: 2017

Injury Prevention Interests and Future Goals: Meghan is interested in sports head injuries and bullying prevention. She is an aspiring clinical psychologist and plans on applying to PhD programs specializing in the treatment/development of conduct disorder and psychopathy in children and its corresponding neurological symptoms of emotional dysregulation and impulsivity. Before applying, Meghan intends on participating in Brown University School of Public Health’s Fifth Year Masters Program in Behavioral and Social Health Sciences (BSHS).

Summer Research Topic(s): Traveling in Other Vehicles