Adolescent Weight Management Program Services

The CHANGES program evaluates, treats and helps maintain healthy weight.

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For more information about the CHANGES progam for adolescent weight management, please call 401-793-8829.

The CHANGES program has three steps: evaluation, treatment, and maintenance.


We start with a thorough assessment of all the medical, nutritional and behavioral factors that may contribute to a child becoming overweight or having obesity. The evaluation team includes a pediatric psychologist, a pediatric gastroenterologist, and a nutritionist.

Patients may be referred to other pediatric services such as the sleep clinic for a sleep study, mental health or social services, or to an endocrinologist, if the teen has, or is at risk for, type 2 diabetes.

The first visit lasts about three hours.

The care team reviews all of the information provided and develops a personalized treatment plan with recommendations on diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes for each teen and family. 


In the CHANGES program, treatment consists of sessions that focus on a balanced diet, healthy lifestyle choices, and supervised exercise. These sessions are at the core of our program, providing encouragement and positive reinforcement for change. Individual or family follow-up sessions may be scheduled with any member of the treatment team to address questions or concerns about weight management.

Depending on the severity of their weight problem, teens aged 16 to 18 may be referred to the Center for Bariatric Surgery, a program of Rhode Island and The Miriam hospitals, for bariatric surgery by a pediatric specialist.

Before being considered for surgery, teens must participate in a comprehensive lifestyle intervention.


Our program includes a web-based maintenance program to provide social support and help teens and families stick with their new habits once their sessions have ended.

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For more information please call 401-793-8829.