Newport Hospital Adult Partial Hospital Program

Newport Hospital's Partial Hospital Program is designed to help adults of all ages cope with their life circumstances.  Patients have a structured treatment environment while also returning home at night and on weekends. Patients can maintain relationships and enjoy the comfort, convenience and privacy of their own surroundings while they are at home. The program also provides an alternative to, or a transition from, inpatient care and aims to help stabilize patients and improve their functioning. We begin with a medical and psychological assessment. We then employ therapies and education appropriate to each patient's needs.

About the Program

The Partial Hospital Program at Newport Hospital is a short-term, group-based comprehensive outpatient treatment program. Groups vary, for example, some patients might require social and life-skill groups and others might benefit from expressive arts. Some patients require more individual therapy than others and that is determined in both the initial assessment and the ongoing evaluation of each patient.

The average program duration is from three days to two weeks, six hours a day for five days a week, and depends on individual patient needs. Intake includes medical and psychiatric evaluation, including psychotropic medication assessment; and individual sessions with the social worker or psychologist to manage therapeutic issues.

Program patients may use the Newport Hospital cafeteria for meals and snacks, and free parking is available outside the Borden-Carey Building on Friendship Street. Patients are expected to participate fully in their treatment.

How to Refer a Patient to the Partial Hospital Program

To refer a patient or to obtain additional information about the Partial Hospital Program at Newport Hospital, please call 401-845-1910.

The Team

The multidisciplinary team includes a psychiatrist, psychiatric APRN, psychologist, and social worker. The team's emphasis is on restoring a patient's health and preventing setbacks. Each patient is considered an important part of his or her team.

Program Director
Medical Director, Adult Partial Hospital Program, Newport Hospital