Other Sources of Information on Body Dysmorphic Disorder


In this section we provide a pdf file, which lists more than 100 of our research team’s publications in scientific journals that have resulted from our research studies on BDD and other disorders. We also list some publications from other researchers.

Additional publications can be obtained from professional journals. These journals can be located online through databases such as PubMed (the bibliographic database of the National Library of Medicine), which is accessible to the public. Some of our team’s scientific papers and those of other researchers can be accessed for free on PubMed.

Articles on BDD may also be found through PsychLit, a database of international literature in psychology and related behavioral and social sciences. PsychLit is accessible at most university, college, and medical school libraries.

While the articles below are written primarily for professionals, we've listed them here in the hope that you may find them helpful. Articles that are freely available through PubMed Central appear as links in the pdf document.

Topics covered in the publications include: overviews of BDD, symptoms and clinical features of BDD, medication treatment of BDD, cognitive-behavioral therapy for BDD, cosmetic treatment for BDD, prevalence of BDD, and other topics on BDD including depression, anxiety and neuropsychology.

Download the list of publications in scientific journals on Body Dysmorphic Disorder.