Where to Get Help

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) Program at Rhode Island Hospital

Please call us at 401-444-1644 or 401-444-1646, or email us at BDD@lifespan.org if you’re interested in any of our clinical services or want to participate in one of our research studies and obtain study treatment at no cost to you.

Other Locations

If you live elsewhere, we periodically update our list of treatment providers around the world who have experience treating BDD. This list is not comprehensive and, regretfully, we are unable to provide referral information other than what is on this list. 

Other Suggestions

It’s important that people with BDD or related disorders, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder and olfactory reference syndrome, see a licensed mental health professional who is familiar with these disorders and the treatment described on this website and in scientific articles and our books. It is also important to discuss your appearance concerns, and the possibility that you have BDD or these other disorders, with the treatment provider. Other options for finding treatment for BDD specifically include:

  • To find a psychiatrist or therapist with expertise in BDD, download our referral list. You can also call your state psychiatric or psychological society for a referral.

  • To find a therapist with experience in cognitive behavioral therapy, you can contact the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies at www.abct.org or 212-647-1890. We encourage you to ask any therapist you are referred to whether they are familiar with BDD and have experience treating it.

  • If you live near a medical school, you can call the department of psychiatry to see if they have any faculty or staff with experience treating BDD.