Preparing for Your Exam

IMPORTANT: Due to the rapidly changing coronavirus COVID-19 situation, please review this information before visiting any Lifespan facility or outpatient practice for an appointment or procedure. If needed, please call 401-444-7770 to reschedule your appointment.

Lifespan is screening patients to help curtail the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Please consider the following questions before your visit:

  1. Have you recently traveled outside the United States or have you had any contact with someone who has recently traveled outside the United States within 2 weeks? If yes, tell the receptionist after cleaning your hands with sanitizer and putting a mask on. (There will be displays at all first points of entry at the hospital/outpatient facilities.)
  2. Do you have a cough, fever, sore throat or runny nose? If yes, please reschedule your exam two weeks after your symptoms are gone. We encourage you to schedule an appointment with your primary care physician prior to your imaging exam.

If you develop symptoms within two weeks of any scheduled appointment, please call to reschedule after your symptoms are gone.

To reschedule your appointment, please call 401-444-7770.

How should I prepare for a mammogram?

Do not wear deodorant or antiperspirant on the day of your mammogram because they may interfere with the mammographic images.

How should I prepare for an ultrasound guided breast biopsy?

If you are on a prescription blood thinning medication such as Coumadin or have a medical condition that requires you to take aspirin, please consult your physician prior to scheduling this exam.

Please leave any personal belongings (jewelry, glasses, etc.) at home when having an outpatient exam performed at any of our facilities to avoid misplacement.