Age is Just a Number

Old man on leg/bike machine.Centenarian Stays Active Through Cardiac Maintenance Program

Nearly three years ago, Arthur Prisco decided to ramp up his exercise routine to build muscle strength and improve mobility. So at age 99, Arthur started working out at The center for Cardiac Fitness. Today, the 101-year-old can still be found each Monday and Wednesday pedaling a recumbent stepper, walking laps around the Center’s track or participating in resistance training exercises.

Arthur participates in the Health for Life program, which teaches healthy living practices to those who are at increased risk of heart disease but have not experienced a cardiac episode. The program features supervised exercise training, education, and behavioral modification and counseling by a multidisciplinary health care team.

Looking back, it’s not hard to trace Arthur’s passion for staying active.

Arthur loved golfing and helped found the Triggs Memorial Golf Club in his native Providence, serving as Triggs’ president for three terms. Years before losing Della, his beloved wife of 60 years, the two would get dressed up and go ballroom dancing with friends every Wednesday and Saturday night.

With the support of his big extended family, Arthur continues to keep moving. He and daughter Joan enjoy putting at Providence’s Button Hole Golf Course.

Arthur says he has gained quite a bit of physical strength since joining the Health for Life program, and hopes others will be inspired by his story.

“Think of your health first, and then look at where you can go to improve it… don’t give up, keep trying,” said Arthur, a World War II Navy veteran.

Wen-Chih Wu, M.D., MPH, director of The Center for Cardiac Fitness, said Arthur has a wonderful outlook on health.

“Activity is the secret for longevity,” said Dr. Wu. “Family and social support is another key.”