Weight Loss Methods

Clearly, the best method to lose weight is through dieting and regulation of food intake with an increase in physical activity (exercise). In fact, many dieting programs are very successful at helping people lose weight. 

However, the main problem is in maintaining the new lower weight. Less than 25 percent of people who start a weight loss diet program will lose 40 pounds or more and maintain it for one year. In fact, most patients regain all the weight they lost. This failure of weight maintenance occurs because the diets are very difficult to adhere to. Foods are frequently non-tasty, all one type or mostly liquids.

Surgery may be an option when dieting programs are unable to help a person achieve and maintain the weight loss.

For Obesity

Average % of Excess Weight Loss @ 1 Year

Average % of Excess Weight Loss @ 5 Year


4-6% 1

0% 1

Diet/behavior modification

8-12% 1

1.6% (10Yrs) 1

Drug Therapy

10% 1


continuing drug therapy 1

Gastric Bypass

65-85% 2

55-70% 2

Gastric Adj. Band

30-40% 2

40-50% 2

Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy

45-60% 3


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