Emergency Digital Health Innovation Program

The Emergency Digital Health Innovation (EDHI) Program is a collaboration between Lifespan and the Warren Alpert Medical School at Brown University's department of emergency medicine.

EDHI’s mission is to use digital health to transform the care of patients with acute care needs before, during, and after their visit by developing and deploying effective, evidence-based digital health tools.

What is Digital Health?

Digital health is transforming our delivery of acute and preventive care. The goal is to use technology to improve access to patients and increase the efficiency of health care delivery. As this field rapidly expands, it is critical for us to provide evidence that digital health tools are acceptable and effective, for both clinicians and patients, and particularly in the emergency care setting.

It is also important for us to provide expertise in the implementation of these tools, and training in their use in clinical care. Our vision is for digital health to be an evidence-based, effective and well-integrated tool for creating and restoring health.


Megan Ranney, MD is the director and founder of EDHI. Dr. Ranney has a five-year history of successful external funding to develop and evaluate digital health interventions, and has lectured and published internationally about mobile/digital health interventions in the acute care setting. She is committed to translating digital health into clinical outcomes before, during and after a patient’s acute care visit.

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