Center for International Health Research
Rhode Island Hospital

Christian P. Nixon, MD, PhD

Christian P. Nixon received his MD and PhD from Brown University in 2008. He completed a residency in clinical pathology at the University of California San Francisco, a residency in anatomic pathology at Yale University and a blood bank fellowship in the Joint Program in Transfusion Medicine at Harvard Medical School. In 2014, after completing residency and fellowship, he joined the faculty at Brown University in the department of pathology and laboratory medicine and serves as an attending physician on the transfusion medicine and coagulation service at Rhode Island Hospital.

At the Center for International Health Research (CIHR), the Nixon Laboratory will focus on the functional significance of antibody targeted cellular and complement responses to a novel pediatric malaria vaccine candidate that was discovered at CIHR. Elucidating the roles of cellular effector mechanisms to this vaccine target will help to guide ongoing immune-epidemiology studies and ultimately vaccine trials.

As a second aim, the Nixon Laboratory will focus on identifying novel vaccine targets against the transmissible form of the malaria parasite, the gametocyte, while it still resides within the human host. Novel vaccine candidates that target this stage will ultimately be incorporated into a multistage vaccine that target the liver and blood stage of malaria.

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