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Getting Started on Your Weight Loss Journey

Orientation Session

Our free orientation session provides all the information you need to decide if one of our programs is right for you. Orientation sessions are usually held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Morning and evening sessions are available.

Please call 401-793-8790 (option 1) to register by phone.

We accept most major health insurance; however, health insurance plans vary on their coverage and your responsibility for program costs. We are happy to answer your questions about health insurance coverage in our free orientation session.

A woman checks into the Weight and Wellness Center

Take the First Step

Sign up for a free orientation session to get the information you need to decide if one of our programs is right for you. Please call 401-793-8790 (option 1) to register by phone.

Initial Evaluations

Medical Evaluation
Consuming too many calories, insufficient physical activity, or certain medical conditions may contribute to weight gain. Individuals who are obese may also have one or more chronic medical conditions that need to be monitored during weight loss. Therefore, a comprehensive physical examination (which may include blood work or a cardiac stress test) is necessary to determine the appropriate treatment plan.

Weight and Lifestyle Evaluation
Some lifestyle factors can make weight loss more challenging, and need to be considered when developing an effective plan. During this evaluation, we identify those factors and recommend the appropriate support to facilitate success in the program.

Exercise Evaluation
Our exercise physiologist determines the ability level of each patient. An exercise program tailored to each individual’s ability level is developed and reviewed by the physician prior to implementation.

Weekly Visits

A typical weekly visit begins with a weigh-in and blood pressure check. Patients meet with our physicians on an ongoing basis throughout treatment. The frequency of these visits depends on the patient’s medical condition, medications being taken, and the type of treatment protocol.

During medical visits, progress in weight loss and other medical conditions are closely monitored. The weekly visit also includes a group session focused on education, skill-building, and support in behavioral strategies, nutrition, and exercise. During these visits, you can also purchase meal replacement supplements, if used.