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Starting Strong on Your Weight and Wellness Journey

The Lifespan Center for Weight and Wellness at The Miriam Hospital provides comprehensive, integrated care to help you achieve a healthy weight and greater well-being.

Seeing results quickly can help motivate an individual to commit to the changes necessary to enjoy lasting weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

The Center for Weight and Wellness offers effective programs that will start you on the path to achieving your goals.

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Contact the Center for Weight and Wellness

To sign up or for more information about the Fast Track or Your Choice, Your Weigh programs, please call 401-793-8790.

Fast Track Program

The Fast Track program offered at The Miriam Hospital’s Center for Weight and Wellness is designed for individuals who want to jump-start their weight loss. Seeing quick results – dropping 10 pounds or more in 30 days – gives you the motivation to continue your weight loss journey.

The program, which uses modified fasting (meal replacement supplements and one daily meal of solid food) lays the foundation for patients to see results quickly, while preparing them for a structured transition to an all-food eating plan.

After completing Fast Track, participants transition to either our LEAN program or Your Choice, Your Weigh. Both programs provide additional resources that address the importance of adopting proper eating habits and achieving a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle. Each program also offers a variety of dietary options based on your particular needs. 

Your Choice, Your Weigh

The Your Choice, Your Weigh program is designed for individuals who want to improve their health and lose 10 to 20 pounds.

The 10-week program:

  • Addresses the importance of healthy eating habits
  • Explores eating behaviors
  • Helps patients develop an active lifestyle
  • Behavioral therapy to help with managing stress

Choose the Weight Loss Program That's Best for You

You may select from a variety of eating programs to help you achieve your weight and health goals. All programs are overseen by medical clinicians. 

Eating plan options include:

  • Mediterranean diet to reduce cholesterol 
  • DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) to improve blood pressure
  • Vegetarian, plant-based approach
  • Customized diet for specific needs
  • Traditional balance deficit diet (eating fewer calories than you burn)

A Variety of Weight Loss Program Resources

You also have access to program resources to ensure a well-rounded and balanced approach to reaching your goals.

These include:

  • Initial medical and behavioral evaluations
  • Weekly group sessions that explore topics such as health, wellness, behavioral changes, food preparation, exercise education, and more
  • Nutritional meetings tailored to you
  • Individualized exercise physiology sessions to foster good exercise habits 
  • Optional program extension

Get started with your weight loss plan