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Lee Anne Clift

A Weight Loss Journey Adds Up to Healthier Living

Lee Anne Clift Before and After

You might say that Lee Anne Clift is a numbers person. Throughout her 26-year career with Lifespan, she’s been on the finance end of operations, beginning in the budget office and working her way to her current post of two years as Manager of Finance for Gateway Health. “I love math,” she emphasized. “When numbers agree, it’s awesome.”

Last January, her numbers were adding up in the wrong direction. “It was just after the pandemic started, and everyone was talking about the COVID-19,” she recalled. “I had definitely participated in that.”

Clift had heard about the Center for Weight and Wellness and was on the fence about participating. Until she received some surprising bloodwork results indicating she was prediabetic and had high cholesterol and glucose counts.

“I said to myself, I don’t want to be unhealthy. My knees were hurting. I needed to get healthy.”

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Carl Rodrigues

Carl Rodrigues before and after weight loss version 2

After a Nearly 100-Pound Weight Loss, He’s On Top of the World

Carl Rodrigues had struggled with his weight for years. Since his high school football days, the pounds accumulated year after year. “I was heavy for a long time. This didn’t happen overnight.”

Rodrigues began following the Center for Weight and Wellness plan just after Presidents Day in February 2020. Within a month after he began his weight loss journey, the COVID-19 lockdown brought in-person visits and support groups to a halt. 

Overall, Rodrigues says he thinks the shutdown “actually helped me focus a little bit more.” The phone check-ins and virtual support sessions work well, he says.

Then it was time for him to help lead his son's scout troop to Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire.

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Robert Peretti, Esq. and Steven Moretti, Esq.
Robert Peretti, Esq. and Steven Moretti, Esq.

Robert Peretti, Esq. and Steven Moretti, Esq.

In Addition to a 40-Years-Plus Friendship, They Shared a Problem

Both men consider themselves disciplined, but they appreciate the benefits of the support at the Center for Weight and Wellness. 

With that support Moretti lost 45 pounds, and Peretti dropped 40.

They began the program after the COVID-19 shutdown. The two benefitted from telehealth and Zoom conferences, with weekly phone check-ins with the clinicians.

“There’s no magic to it,” says Peretti. “You really have to incorporate it into a lifestyle, with some degree of sacrifice and behavior change. But the program makes it a very obtainable goal with results that you can see."

Moretti said he likes to tell others about the Center for Weight and Wellness because “They’re genuinely nice people. It’s always positive, you’re always losing weight. "

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Mike DeResta

Recently retired  North Providence firefighter Mike DeResta has had issues with weight management throughout his life. During his many years as a firefighter, he struggled with high blood pressure and had trouble climbing stairs without becoming winded. In 2017, Mike saw a picture of himself that motivated him to begin his journey to health and weight loss. He had tried several diets in the past, but they didn’t work for him in the long term. When he discovered the Center for Weight and Wellness through a friend who had lost 30 pounds through one of the programs, he signed up for the Modified Fast Program.

Gaining a New Perspective on Health

Mike DeResta outlines his journey to a new, healthy self.

Watch the video.

Mike became an active participant in the 22-week program and now frequently attends group support meetings in the Masters Program. He’s lost 80 pounds since following the Center for Weight and Wellness’s diet and exercise regimen. Mike says that the difference lies in the education you receive as a participant. “On this diet, losing the weight is the easy part; the success of the diet comes from the tools and education you receive from the Center for Weight and Wellness. You apply those, and your life will be changed forever.” Mike exercises frequently with his personal trainer and now looks forward to working out. His blood pressure levels are back to normal and he no longer needs a sleep apnea machine. After he lost the weight, Mike even passed younger firefighters up the stairs. Mike’s journey to weight loss has inspired several of his colleagues to follow in his footsteps. The group is well on their way through the Center for Weight and Wellness programs and support each other each step of the way.

Lee-Ann Fonseca before and aftery

Lee-Ann Fonseca

When Lee-Ann Fonseca found herself wearing a size 20 for the first time in her life, she knew she needed to make a change. The weight loss programs she’d tried before wouldn’t be enough.

Over the years, her weight gain increased and she began feeling the physical consequences – knee pain, shortness of breath, headaches, high blood pressure. It was becoming difficult to do daily tasks like carrying groceries or climbing stairs.

She can now share new adventures with her family – they recently took a vacation to Spain and Portugal, where Lee-Ann did tons of walking and sightseeing without ever feeling short of breath or needing to sit down.

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Adam Homerston before and after weight loss

Adam Homerston

Adam had been a dedicated public servant. He worked for a fire department as a paramedic, but that wasn’t enough for him. Adam wanted to join the military. However, he weighed 360 pounds and also had back pain, joint pain, and high blood pressure. So, he enrolled in the Full Fast program at The Miriam Hospital Weight Management Program.

In about 5 months, he lost 160 pounds and eliminated his medical problems. Then, he enlisted in the Army. He completed a tour of duty in Afghanistan and is currently serving in Texas. "I would like to share my success story with others to inspire them." He adds, "to say the program changed my life would be an understatement." 

The Miriam Hospital Weight Management team thanks Adam for his service and for his desire to help others seeking a solution to their weight challenges.

Mike Brais before and after weight loss

Mike Brais

The turning point for Mike was when he went to play hockey with some buddies and could not bend over to tie his own skates. At 450 pounds, he knew that he needed to do something. Mike enrolled in the Full Fast program at The Miriam Hospital Weight Management Program.

In 11 months, he lost 245 pounds. Mike participated fully in the program by going to weekly group meetings and having individual consultations with the dietitian and exercise physiologist. “The important thing is gaining the skills for weight management (portion control, keeping a food diary, developing an exercise habit) and not simply losing the weight,” says Mike.

He felt supported by the team of experts in making the hard decisions when resuming an all food diet. Mike is playing hockey or running five times per week. “Now I get to play hockey and I can do it well.”

Alix Stockwood before and after weight loss

Alix Stockwood

Alix engaged in emotional eating when feeling stressed or anxious. According to Alix, this led to being overweight and not feeling good about herself. Then she enrolled in The Miriam Hospital’s Weight Management program. She chose the Modified Fast program and lost 63 pounds. Alix was a regular and active participant in the group meetings while losing weight. In the groups, she learned ways to modify her thinking and behaviors to help deal with emotional eating.

“Comfort foods are now the healthy foods that I eat to take care of my body.” Moreover, Alix had an important realization. “I came to accept that obesity is a chronic medical condition,” and she emphasized that once she “wrapped her head” around the idea that she needed to make a lifestyle change, she became successful at long-term weight management.

Alix consistently attends the weekly Masters Program weight maintenance group and appreciates the ongoing support that she gets from the team. “Weight management is about how I treat me. I feel better about me. It is more enjoyable to be alive.

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