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Supporting each other helped them succeed in weight loss

Robert Peretti and Steven Moretti

Two lawyers with separate, busy practices found that a partnership in a weight-loss journey proved their path to success.

Robert Peretti, Esq., and Steven Moretti, Esq., are 40-years-plus friends who shared a problem.

Robert Peretti's Story

“Steve and I were lamenting our weight. At the beginning of 2020, we decided that we wanted to do something about it. We were exploring different options,” Peretti says.

Moretti had used a commercial weight-loss program a few times, and Peretti had followed the South Beach diet and others through the years. “But at the end of the day, the weight was all back on and then some,” Peretti says.

He explains that a family member recommended The Miriam Hospital’s Center for Weight and Wellness, which takes a comprehensive approach to helping patients lose weight and gain a healthier lifestyle.

“I can do things I couldn’t do previously. I have more energy,” says Peretti.

Steven Moretti's Story

After an orientation and medical, lifestyle, and exercise evaluation, the men began following the modified fast plan in late March. Modified fasting (eating meal replacement supplements--Optifast shakes, bars, and soups--and one well-balanced daily meal) enables patients to see results quickly.

“You get not just immediate results, but consistent results. If you stick with the program, you’re losing weight every week,” Moretti says. “Once you hit a 10-pound milestone, it really makes you want to get to the next 10 pounds, and the next 10 pounds.”

He lost 45 pounds, and Peretti dropped 40.

Steven Moretti before and after weight loss

Steven Moretti

 Before and After Weight Loss

Robert Peretti before and after weight loss

Robert Peretti

Before and After Weight Loss

“An unintended benefit: Since we have very busy practices--we’re always on the go--we didn’t have to think about breakfast or lunch very much,” Peretti says. “You have a shake. It was simple, it was easy, it was a no-brainer, and then you look forward to whatever you’re having at night.”

Having begun the program after the COVID-19 shutdown, they didn’t have in-person visits or support groups. The Center for Weight and Wellness had pivoted to telehealth and Zoom conference, so the men had weekly phone check-ins with the clinicians.

Having reached their goal weight, they now are in the Masters Program.

“As a master, the doctor calls to follows up on a monthly basis instead of a weekly basis. You can still buy the Optifast food. You still monitor yourself, take your blood pressure and weigh in. They still give you encouragement,” says Moretti.

“What it does is it keeps you connected to the program, because there’s still some accountability” to maintain your weight loss, adds Peretti.

Both men consider themselves disciplined, but they appreciate the benefits of supporting and being accountable to each other.  After weigh-ins, for example, “We’d send each other a picture of the scale,” Moretti says.

“We bust each other’s chops, but we do it in a way to let the other guy know, ‘Hey, I’m watching you, don’t let it go, you’ve worked too hard.’”

“And it doesn’t hurt when people say, ‘You look good.’ And I get it all the time,” Moretti says.

Many Americans reportedly gained weight because of inactivity, stress eating, and snacking during the COVID shutdown. Moretti and Peretti say it worked to their advantage because work-related restaurant meals were eliminated. 

“There’s no magic to it,” says Peretti. “You really have to incorporate it into a lifestyle, with some degree of sacrifice and behavior change. But the program makes it a very obtainable goal with results that you can see. Because everybody needs results. If you don’t get results, you get discouraged.”

Moretti said he likes to tell others about the Center for Weight and Wellness because “They’re genuinely nice people. It’s always positive, you’re always losing weight. Even if you cheated, you’ll still lose a little bit.”

Their weight loss has revitalized them, the friends, both in their 60s, agree.

“I can do things I couldn’t do previously. I have more energy,” says Peretti. “It’s helping to combat the aging process. Because I’m lighter and feeling better, it’s offsetting it.”

Both hope to be able to drop their cholesterol and blood pressure medications.

“And it doesn’t hurt when people say, ‘You look good.’ It’s been such a long time since people have said to me, ‘Boy, Steven, you look really good.’ And I get it all the time,” Moretti says.

The attorneys’ verdict? Working with the team at the Center for Weight and Wellness and supporting each other in their weight-loss journey has been a winning combination.

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