Dr. McCaffery's Selected Publications


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 McCaffery, J.M., Papandonatos, G.D., Bond, D., Lyons, M.J. & Wing, R.R. (2009). Gene x environment interaction of vigorous exercise and body mass index among male Vietnam-era Twins. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 89(4), 1011-8.

McCaffery, J.M., Haley, A., Sweet, L., Phelan, S., Raynor, H. Del Parigi, S., Cohen, R.A., Wing, R.R. (2009). Differential fMRI response to food pictures in successful weight-loss maintainers relative to normal-weight and obese controls. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 90(4), 928-34.

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McCaffery, J.M., Papandonatos, G.P., Lyons, M.J. & Niaura, R. (2008). Educational attainment and the heritability of self-reported hypertension in Vietnam-era twins. Psychosomatic Medicine, 70, 781-786.

McCaffery, J.M., Papandonatos, G.P., Lyons, M.J., Koenen, K., Purcell, S., & Niaura, R. (2007). Education level moderates the heritability of nicotine dependence in Vietnam-era twins. Psychological Medicine, October 22 (e-pub).

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