Child and Family Community Treatment

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Our specialized teams include interventions for grief, trauma, early childhood, eating disorders, substance use, depression, anxiety, juvenile justice, parent/child relations, oppositional defiant behaviors and other behavioral health disorders. We work to help the child and family through a team approach that includes psychiatric evaluation, case management and intensive family and individual therapy. Designed for children, adolescents and their families, every effort is made to stabilize the family and keep the child at home, attending his or her school while receiving support and clinical services.

We Can Help

  • If you are a parent with a child who suffers from emotional/behavioral or substance use issues.
  • If you are a professional working in private practice, mental health clinics, schools or other agencies with a client referral.

Family-Oriented Care

We know that when a child suffers, the entire family suffers. That’s why our treatment involves the child’s family, helping them find ways to relate to each other and cope with existing problems. We provide therapeutic treatment within all relevant settings: the home, school, juvenile justice, primary care and other medical establishments.

A Wide Range of Strength-Based Therapeutic Services

Our Child and Adolescent Intensive Treatment Services provides primarily home-based intensive therapies and care coordination services for children at risk of psychiatric hospitalization or out-of-home placement. We work hand-in-hand with schools to identify and address potential problems while coordinating with other agencies to provide treatment options grounded in evidence-based practices.

We believe that every child and family has strengths and resources that can be used to find solutions. Our teams are co-located in several schools throughout Rhode Island allowing for seamless and expedient access, as well as efficient care coordination.

Professional Staff on Your Side

Our highly trained team of psychiatrists, clinicians and case managers works with the family and all key stakeholders to develop an individualized treatment plan based on the family's needs.