Co-occurring Disorders Program

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The Co-occurring Disorders Program (CDP) at Bradley Hospital is an outpatient service that provides more intensive care than is typical to adolescents who struggle with a wide variety of mental health issues. The program runs after school and provides three hours of comprehensive care three days per week.

As leaders in addiction treatment and research, we are committed to providing adolescents and their families with the best available evidence-based therapies, which we tailor to meet the needs of each youth.

Several evidence-based treatment modalities, including motivational enhancement and cognitive behavioral therapies, are tailored to meet the needs of each youth.

What the Program at Bradley Hospital Offers

The CDP provides each adolescent three hours of comprehensive care three days per week. This approach gives the teen intensive treatment while allowing him or her to attend school and practice newly acquired skills in their daily lives. With this level of care, the teen and his or her family have frequent access to a multidisciplinary team of specialists during the early stages of the recovery process.

The program effectively integrates individual, family, and group therapy as well as medication management.
Adolescents and their families are afforded the opportunity to participate in clinical trials of innovative behavioral and pharmacological interventions.

Co-occurring Disorders Program Structure

For each youth, the CDP involves at least two individual therapy sessions and one family therapy session each week. In addition, all teens join in multiple daily group therapy sessions as well as weekly consultation with our physician.

Other program components include school consultation, case management, psychoeducational programming, and health promotion

The length of the program varies from five to eight weeks, depending on each teen’s treatment goals.

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