Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Instructions for Lifespan Hospital Providers Ordering COVID-19 Testing

Patient Groups Included in Testing

Choose a inventory status below to see a list of patient groups to receive a rapid assay COVID test. Please refer to the COVID home page on the Lifespan Intranet to see the current testing inventory status. Status is posted at the top right of the page daily. (Lifespan network log-in required.)

Conservation Status Testing

Only certain groups of patients are eligible for a rapid COVID PCR test, which should be ordered in LifeChart as Respiratory Pathogen Panel 2 (RP2) or COVID-19/Influenza/RSV PCR. All other requests will be ordered as COVID-19 PCR or COVID/Influenza PCR (note does not include RSV) and will be processed for non-stat testing.

The patient groups are:

  • Symptomatic admits from ED, Cancer Center, or direct admits
  • Symptomatic inpatient testing—initial test only 
  • All behavioral health admits, both symptomatic and asymptomatic
  • Patients in the ED from home who require discharge from the ED to a SNF 
  • Untested admissions to labor and delivery
  • Emergency kidney transplants
  • Patients experiencing homelessness who are being discharged from the ED

Expanded Rapid Testing

All groups included in conservation status (see above) will receive a rapid assay test, plus the following additional groups:

  • Unable to assess
  • Emergent surgery
  • Same day surgery/procedure
  • PAT next day surgery
  • ED discharges to hospice

Lifespan COVID Resources

Other coronavirus resources for Lifespan providers: