What to Expect

What patients can expect at every visit

  • Check in at registration and update your records with the correct address, phone number and primary care physician.
  • Height, weight, pulse oximetry and if the child if five years of age or older, pulmonary function testing.
  • Review and report all medications, dosage and frequency of use. While it might be repetitious to write out all of your medications at each visit, this ensures that we know exactly what you are taking. This is also your opportunity to review what prescription refills you might need and raise concerns you might have and want to discuss. If there have been any changes in respiratory, digestive or other symptoms, please make sure we know this.
  • Visit with the doctor and any other team member that you or the team thinks appropriate.

What patients can expect every three months

In addition to what is expected at every visit, after three months, patients will have:

  • A sputum culture-This test is done on a case by case basis. Some patients will have this done more frequently and some less frequently.

What patients can expect once a year

In addition to what is expected on every visit, on an annual visit, patients will have:

  • A chest x-ray
  • Blood tests that include vitamin and protein levels, blood count, blood chemistry, liver and kidney function tests.
  • A complete nutritional evaluation that includes review of pancreatic enzymes, dietary needs and intake, and classification of nutritional status.
  • A social work evaluation that includes a review the strength of family and social support, financial and insurance needs, and problems with school or job.
  • Respiratory therapy evaluation that includes review of airway clearance technique, inhaler technique and respiratory equipment.

Please arrive on time

We would greatly appreciate that you arrive on time for your appointment. If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please make every effort to call 24 hours in advance; this allows us the opportunity to offer your slot to another patient in need of care.

For more information please call 401-444-6540.