Epilepsy services medication

The majority (80 to 90 percent) of epilepsy patients are managed with antiepileptic medications, which are prescribed based on seizure type, side effects, age and health of the patient and ease of compliance. Medications are adjusted to maintain the proper dose to control seizures while using the smallest dose necessary to achieve this goal.

The team at the Comprehensive Epilepsy Program has extensive, up-to-date expertise in all medications used to treat various types of epileptic seizures, including:

  • The older, well-established "first generation" of anticonvulsant medications that have helped so many patients for decades.

  • A newer generation of anticonvulsant medications that have been approved over the past 15 years, and which afford patients beneficial advancements made in recent years.

  • Experimental, promising new medications that may be helpful in treating patients whose seizures have not been adequately controlled by other drugs to date.