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Bottles of Hope

For adults undergoing cancer treatment, the treatment can be as frustrating, exhausting and menacing as the disease. While undergoing chemotherapy treatment, Rhode Island artist and cancer survivor Diane Gregoire discovered a way to turn medicine bottles into art by decorating them with colorful polymer clay and filling them with a wish or message of hope.

A collection of hand-made bottles of hope.
A collection of hand-made bottles of hope.

In her weekly workshops in the Rhode Island Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Center, Gregoire leads participants in creating these Bottles of Hope. Finished bottles take the form of robots, dinosaurs, even a chimney with a birds' nest on top. Each patient/artist may keep the newly created artwork or place a message of hope inside and give it away. The recipient will know someone is having good thoughts for their health and wishes them well. Whether the patient keeps the bottle or gives it away, the medicine bottles have been reborn as small, but powerful, doses of hope.

This project has been so popular that hospitals and treatment centers across the country have adopted it for their cancer patients. Philanthropic contributions support this program.