Diagnostic and Treatment Options for Hematologic Cancers

Chemotherapy is the primary treatment option for hematologic cancers. Learn more about our chemotherapy services 

We conduct a comprehensive assessment of hematological malignancies that includes an expert hematopathology (by a pathologist who specializes in blood disorders) assessment of your blood cancer. 

We also offer specialization in diagnostic imaging in the form of PET/CT scans and multidisciplinary care with radiation oncology.

Cancer Research and Clinical Trials

The Lifespan Cancer Institute is an active clinical trials site, committed to providing patients with the latest protocols. Our patients have access to groundbreaking new immunotherapies and other new and emerging cancer treatments at various stages of diagnosis and across many cancer types. Cancer treatments include the latest chemotherapy, biologic agents, radiation oncology, surgery, and image-guided procedures—many of which are not available elsewhere in New England. Our physicians actively participate in the Brown University Oncology Group, a unique regional clinical trials network that provides highly innovative approaches to cancer care.