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Coloring My Way: Learning about Coronavirus

Coronavirus Coloring Book

Rizzo the Raccoon to the Rescue! Rizzo, the main character of our interactive coloring book, takes kids through emotions they may be feeling and some strategies to deal with their worries. Kids can read the pages, color them at their leisure and refer back to them when feeling uncertain. 

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COVID-19 developments are happening quickly and our physicians and clinicians are working hand-in-hand to provide parents, caregivers and educators resources to help families and kids navigate these uncertain times.

Online Parent Support Groups

Many organizations are currently offering support groups online for parents and families.
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Coping with Coronavirus: Tips for Parents and Caregivers

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COVID Video Resources for Families

The following videos address topics that may be helpful to parents as they teach kids about COVID-19 and navigate time at home. (Videos are in .mp4 format, and courtesy of Kids Health.)

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