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For more information about clinical trials, please visit www.clinicaltrials.gov or contact us directly:

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The Miriam Hospital’s clinical trials unit offers the newest treatments for HIV and hepatitis C (HCV) infections. The experienced research staff consists of physicians, nurses, a data manager, a regulatory assistant and laboratory personnel.

We conduct trials offered through the AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG) network, funded by the National Institutes of Health, in association with the Partners/Harvard AIDS Clinical Trials Unit. The priority of ACTG studies is to evaluate new strategies for treating HIV infection and preventing HIV complications, and to evaluate new treatments for hepatitis C.

Other studies offered through our clinical trials unit include pharmaceutical studies to treat hepatitis C, prevent C. difficile infection, and test new methods of diagnosing HIV infection.

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Name of study


Key Requirements




5332 REPRIEVE – HIV/heart  health

Test if Pitavastatin can prevent heart disease in HIV+

Ages 40-75 ▪ Taking HIV meds ▪ CD4 > 100 ▪  NOT taking a statin ▪  No history of heart disease or stroke

Gemini – HIV treatment

Test two FDA approved medications in people who have not taken HIV meds

Age 18 or older ▪ Never taken HIV medications (other than PEP or PrEP ▪ Cannot be pregnant, breastfeeding, or planning to become pregnant during course of study

5329 – Hep C & HIV Co-Infection


Interferon - free

Test new Hep C medication in people with both HIV and HCV

Ages 18 – 70 ▪ Not pregnant/nursing or have a pregnant partner ▪ CD4 200 or greater ▪ No prior Hep C treatment

VAST –Vaginal antibody safety test

Test investigational medication to prevent HIV and genital Herpes

Women ages 18 – 45 ▪ HIV negative ▪ Not pregnant

Currently using effective birth control

401 – One time blood sample

Sample to aid in the FDA approval of new Roche blood tests / equipment

Ages 18 years or older ▪ HIV positive ▪ Not taken HIV meds in the past month, or, viral load of at least 100 copies / mL on HIV meds

402 – One time blood sample

Sample to aid in the FDA approval of new Roche blood tests / equipment

Ages 18 years or older ▪ HIV negative ▪ At higher than average risk for contracting HIV




Project REACH

Behavioral Intervention Study

HIV+ adults 18 or older ▪ Living with or cured of Hepatitis C

HIV Healthy Hearts Study

Study to help adults learn about heart disease and prevention

Over 30 years of age ▪ HIV +


OPEN – Chronic Pain

Compare 2 different 12 week pain management programs

Currently receiving chiropractic, acupuncture, or massage therapy covered by their Medicaid plans

Project Drum-s

Rectal products to prevent HIV and other STD’s

Men and women engaged in anal sex ▪ Willing to share opinions about various rectal products


Study to help improve functioning and quality of life for HIV+ people with chronic pain and depression

HIV + adults, 18 or older ▪ pain lasting 6 months or longer ▪ Depression




HIV-1 Reservoir in Female Genital Tract

Compare HIV reservoir in genital tract to HIV in blood

Ages 18 and over ▪ Still has regular periods ▪ Not anemic

Group 1: Well controlled on HIV meds                   

Group 2: Planning on beginning HIV meds and viral load over 1000 copies

Hormones and HIV acquisition in HIV- women

Study to see if using hormonal contraception or creams increases risk of HIV infection in women

Ages 18 years and over ▪ HIV negative ▪ regular periods ▪ Not anemic ▪ Plan on starting on hormonal contraception or hormonal creams

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