ReDIAL: A Brief Telephone Intervention for Injured Emergency Department Patients


ReDIAL (Revisiting Decreasing Injuries from Alcohol) is a research project that explores how a brief telephone-delivered intervention may change alcohol use or home safety practices.

The study builds upon DIAL (Decreasing Injuries from Alcohol), a recently completed Injury Prevention Center project that also delivered a brief telephone intervention about alcohol use to emergency department patients. After three-month follow-up interviews, fewer instances of drinking and driving were found in those who received the telephone intervention, compared to a control group who did not receive it. The results were published in the June 2008 issue of Annals of Emergency Medicine.

ReDIAL will examine the effects of a more intensive telephone intervention for alcohol use. It will also test the effectiveness of a new home-safety telephone intervention method in reducing the risk of injuries around the home as a result of changes in home safety practices.

This study recruits  emergency department patients who were admitted with injuries and can communicate in English or Spanish. As part of the study, researchers will also estimate the cost effectiveness of screening and delivering these interventions by phone and examine the mechanisms underlying behavioral changes.