Rhode Island Hospital Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit

The inpatient rehabilitation unit at Rhode Island Hospital is located on the seventh floor of the main building. The newly renovated facility has 13 beds, almost all in private rooms, and is designed for patients who require an intensive, multidisciplinary rehab program, including at least three hours of therapy per day, at least five days per week.

Our unit offers skilled nursing, physician-directed therapy programs, and is supported by the broad medical resources of the Rhode Island Hospital medical staff, with laboratory, pharmacy and diagnostic imaging on site.

Our facility highlights include:
  • Newly renovated facility staffed by experienced care providers
  • Central location for patients from Rhode Island, Eastern Connecticut and Southeastern Massachusetts
  • Access to all services provided within Lifespan including physician visits and diagnostic imaging
  • Opportunities for real-life community reintegration with bank, restaurants and retail stores onsite
  • Religious services available
  • Stroke support group at Rhode Island Hospital

Contact Our Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit

Want to refer a patient? Please call our rehab liaison at 401-641-2019 or 401-261-9623.
Questions? Call our Assistant Clinical Manager at 401-444-9306.
Want to speak with a staff member on the nursing unit? Please call 401-444-2217.

Download our information packet (PDF) »

Rhode Island Hospital is a Lifespan partner. See a complete list of Lifespan inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services