Lifespan Cancer Institute

Survivor's Day 2021

Cancer survivors, family, friends, and support teams are all invited to a virtual celebration.

A Story of Survivorship with Susan Hartman

Susan Hartman shares her story of survivorship, the power of journaling, and the quality of care and support provided by the Lifespan Cancer Institute.

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Dr. Timothy Steinhoff and the Role of Mental Health in Cancer Care

Timothy Steinhoff, MD, discusses the role of mental health in cancer care, cancer diagnosis, depression and cancer, mental health cancer care, cancer survivorship, self-care and cancer, nutrition and cancer care, exercise and cancer care, sleep and cancer care, mindfulness and cancer care, cancer survivorship and cancer support groups.

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Lifespan Cancer Institute’s Oncology, Wellness, Lifestyle and Survivorship (OWLS) Clinic

Christine M. Duffy, MD and Camille Higel-McGovern, NP, introduce the OWLS Clinic, cancer survivorship, living with cancer, multidisciplinary cancer care, nutrition and cancer, physical therapy and cancer, mental health and cancer, long-term cancer treatment and cancer treatment support.

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Learn How to Make Origami Swans with Sandra Berg Medeiros, Visual Arts Instructor

Sandra Berg Medeiros discusses and demonstrates traditional origami, crafting, cancer care, and creates origami swans.

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