Lifespan Clinical Research Center Services

The goal of the Clinical Research Center (CRC) is to make it easier for investigators to manage the multiple aspects of any clinical research study, such as study design and analysis, research nursing support, specimen processing, storage and shipping, medical oversight, project management and regulatory affairs support. We are open to all researchers, whether they are affiliated with Lifespan or not.

Among the services we offer:

  • Lifespan Immunology Research Lab - Located in the RISE building of The Miriam Hospital, the lab serves as a resource for sample processing and shipping to support a broad range of clinical trials. Additionally, our lab manager can assist with the development of specimen processing procedures for upcoming studies that might have unique needs. The CRC has established a partnership with the team at The Miriam, enabling the transport of samples via a courier from Coro to The Miriam, and offering storage in a -80C freezer dedicated to the CRC protocols.
  • Biobank - Also located at the Lifespan Immunology Research Lab, the biobank serves as an in-house specimen repository that can be used by CRC investigators.
  • Lifespan Medical Simulation Center - Located in the Coro complex, this unique physical space offers investigators the use of a simulation control room and simulator area, two trainee simulation-viewing areas and more, all available for various research investigations.
  • Project Management - Through our center, investigators have access to project management services and support from expert clinical research coordinators. The coordinators can assist with study development, data management, medical and technical writing, regulatory affairs, contract and grant administration, and budget management, among others. Senior mentors within the Lifespan system and outside experts will also be hired and compensated by the CRC to provide expert reviews of grant applications prior to submission.
  • Clinical Monitoring - We provide consistent access to highly skilled research nursing staff to monitor clinical services and collaborate with the medical director and project management staff. The nursing staff contributes valuable clinical insight that will help optimize the research design process, and improve enrollment and retention in research studies.
  • Pilot/Feasibility Study Sponsorship - Funds will be available to help three fellow or junior faculty in the Lifespan system launch pilot studies. The hope is that the data generated from these initial studies can be used as preliminary data for subsequent larger grant applications.
  • Biostatistics Consultation Services and Data Management - The Biostatistics Core at Rhode Island Hospital provides centralized biostatistics consultation services to investigators in the center. High quality data analytic services assist in study design and the clear communication of scientific results. The Biostatistics Core serves as a point of intersection for hundreds of researchers and facilitates and enables the creation of new collaborations between researchers who may not have otherwise crossed paths.