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A majority of people who have concussions will get better within two weeks to three months, and their primary care physician can usually manage their early stage treatment. These patients will see their symptoms begin to lessen after one or two days of mental and physical rest, including limited stimulation (reading, viewing TV, using a computer or other device), and plenty of sleep. Eating well and getting enough to drink is important, too. A gradual return to your daily routine should be guided by your symptoms. If symptoms worsen, you must lessen the demands you are placing on yourself.

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The Concussion Care Center is located at 765 Allens Ave. in Providence, RI.
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Adults generally recover more quickly than children.

About 20 percent of people experience persistent symptoms beyond 3 months. The more concussions you have, the more likely you are to have longer and more complicated recovery, especially if you do not give your brain enough time to heal between injuries.

The increasing incidence of young people being treated at emergency departments for sports- and recreation-related traumatic brain injuries, including concussions, is cause for concern among parents, school administrators, and coaches. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) developed the HEADS UP for Brain Injury Awareness program to share information about this important topic.

Every state enforces “Return to Play” laws that require specific breaks from competition, a medical clearance from a physician, and informed consent before an athlete can compete again.

This is vital because experiencing another brain injury, especially before a concussion has healed, may lead to very serious health problems. There could be permanent brain damage, with lifelong repercussions.

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