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  • Customer Service: 401-793-4242 or 800-980-4244
  • Laboratory Courier: (NOW Delivery) 401-729-4703
  • Home Draw Services: Phone: 401-793-4740; Fax: 401-793-4741
  • Long Term Care Services: 401-793-7625
  • Pathologist for Physician Consultation: 401-793-4242
    After hours: Please contact Rhode Island Hospital page operator 401-444-5108
  • Problems or Concerns with Your Bill: 401-793-2206
  • Supply Department: 401-793-4960

Laboratory Locations

Lifespan offers laboratory services at locations throughout Rhode Island and southern Massachusetts.

Tests done at these locations are processed and analyzed at our state-of-the-art automated laboratory. This allows for faster, more accurate results.

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