Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

Your Rights

Lifespan Pharmacy recognizes the rights of every consumer who utilizes Lifespan Pharmacy prescription services. State laws have been established to ensure that your rights are respected. Below is an easy to understand interpretation of the law.

Lifespan Pharmacy promises you:
  • The right to be afforded considerate and respectful care
  • The right to privacy and confidentiality which shall extend to all records pertaining to your medication treatment(s) except as otherwise provided by law
  • The right to voice complaints or concerns to which Lifespan Pharmacy shall respond in a reasonable and timely manner
  • The right to freedom of choice for Lifespan Pharmacy

Your Responsibilities

Lifespan Pharmacy has the right to expect responsible behavior from every consumer who utilizes Lifespan Pharmacy prescription services.

We expect that you will:
  • Provide Lifespan Pharmacy with information about past illnesses, medications, allergies and other pertinent health information as requested
  • Inform us if you do not understand your prescription instructions or if you think you will be unable to carry out any particular instruction
  • Provide complete and sufficient information necessary for insurance processing of your bill
  • Assume financial responsibility for paying for your prescriptions either through your insurance or out-of-pocket