Preventing Falls

Spills can spell disaster. If you or someone you love is prone to falling, here are some basic prevention tips:

  • Keep an active lifestyle, maintain flexibility and strength
  • Have your vision and hearing checked regularly
  • Get up slowly
  • Maintain balance and footing
  • Use correct assistive device (walker, cane)
  • Use correct shoes (low heeled, non-slip soles)

An important preventive measure is early diagnosis for conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and vestibular dysfunction. Another way to prevent falls is to get healthy-decrease your risk of hardening of the arteries by quitting smoking, exercising regularly and adopting a healthy diet. Coordinate your medications to avoid errors-use the same pharmacy and primary care physician for all of your prescriptions.

Make your home fall-safe:

  • Clear debris from walking paths
  • Don't use throw rugs
  • Fasten carpets to floor
  • Remove raised thresholds
  • Use only non-skid floor wax
  • Wipe spills as they occur
  • Keep stairways well-lit
  • Install sturdy handrails in stairways
  • Install grab handles in bathroom
  • Place non-skid mats in bathroom
  • Use shower chairs and bath benches
  • Install light switches by bed and doors
  • Use a night light