Speech Program

Speech therapy may be indicated for patients after suffering a stroke, brain injury, head and neck cancer or neuromuscular disorder. Our speech pathologists are highly trained to evaluate and treat disorders of voice, speech, language, cognition and swallowing that may result from one of these conditions.

The role of the speech pathologist is to:

  • Define the nature and severity of swallowing problems, determine prognosis and recommend the appropriate swallowing treatment, compensatory strategies and appropriate and safe diet textures

  • Evaluate swallowing function, including individuals receiving chemotherapy and radiation therapy for head and neck cancer

  • Provide a modified barium swallow study (an x-ray of the swallow) in conjunction with radiology to further evaluate the swallowing function

  • Diagnose speech and/or language disorders, determine prognosis and make recommendations for follow-up treatment

  • Assess communication needs for patients living in the community and assist in providing communication devices that allow improved quality of life

  • Assess and treat patients with Parkinson's disease using the Lee Silverman voice therapy treatment