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About Computed Tomography

CT ScanComputed tomography, or CT scan, formerly called “CAT Scan”, is an advanced imaging modality that combines the use of x-rays and computers to obtain detailed cross-sectional images of the body’s organs, bones and other tissues.

The CT technologist performs the patient examination under the supervision of the radiologist, and has extensive knowledge of the capabilities of the CT scanner, cross sectional anatomy and basic pathology as it relates to CT. The CT technologist will be required to administer contrast injection and assist in interventional procedures such as biopsies, drainages and ablations.

The CT technologist supports quality patient care and medical ethics. The patient and other members of the health care team rely on the judgment, skill and knowledge of the technologist as well as his or her ability to operate the equipment safely and efficiently.

Computed tomography has advanced so rapidly that it is becoming the diagnostic tool of choice for many non-invasive procedures, including virtual colonoscopy and cardiac imaging.