Mission and Goals

Goals and ObjectivesThe mission of the School of Medical Imaging Radiologic Technology Program is to graduate students competent in the art and science of radiography.

Goals and Outcomes

  • Students will have entry-level employment skills.
    • Students will position patient accurately for diagnostic images.
    • Students will demonstrate safe radiation protection practices.
    • Students will provide appropriate patient care.
    • Students will be able to evaluate images effectively.
  • Students will have effective communications skills.
    • Students will demonstrate age appropriate effective communication skills.
  • Students will be able to critically think to solve problems.
    • Students will perform non-routine radiographic procedures.
    • Students will correct non-diagnostic images effectively.
  • Students will demonstrate professionalism.
    • Students will demonstrate an effective work ethic in the health care environment.
    • Students will articulate how to maintain their professional status in the medical imaging field.
  • The program will provide qualified radiographers to meet the health care needs of the community.
    • The program will recruit those students who are well prepared to meet the academic challenges of a radiologic technology program.
    • The program will graduate students to help fulfill the needs of the surrounding health care community.
    • Graduates will be satisfied with the skills learned in the programs.
    • Employers will be satisfied with the practical skills graduates learned from the program.