Center for Weight and Wellness

Make 2019 Your Year! Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

Step 1: Orientation

Complete the online orientation in the comfort of your home.

In-person orientations are also available. Call the Center for Weight and Wellness
at 401-793-8790 or sign up online.

Step 2: First Appointment

If you have taken an online orientation, someone will reach out to schedule your first appointment.

If you attended an in person orientation and didn't set up your first appointment there, please call 401-793-8790 for the Center for Weight and Wellness to schedule your first appointment.

The Center for Weight and Wellness, a program of The Miriam Hospital, offers treatment for overweight adults at its locations in Providence and East Greenwich. The program provides an individualized treatment plan for each patient, which takes into consideration level of obesity and any psychological and medical conditions. 

Weight and Wellness Programs

Our programs include:

  • Orientation sessions about the full range of weight loss options
  • Ongoing medical assessment and treatment
  • Instruction in behavioral strategies
  • Exercise consultations and instruction
  • Nutrition counseling
  • On-site psychological evaluations
  • Maintenance programs for long-term support and success
  • Specific groups for emotional eating and diabetes management

To learn more, contact us at 401-793-8790, or take the online orientation.

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