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Health and Wellness Coaching at the Lifestyle Medicine Center

Support and Help with Your Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Change is hard. Luckily, our trained health coaches can help. The Lifestyle Medicine Center’s dynamic Health and Wellness Coaching program can help men and women develop and maintain new skills to reach their personal goals. 

You're not sure how to get started or stay motivated? We understand.

The Lifestyle Medicine Center has a long track record of helping individuals make significant lifestyle changes. Our Health Coaching team is staffed by degreed and certified professionals specifically trained to understand the barriers that prevent individuals from reaching their goals and provide practical solutions to overcome potential roadblocks.

A man and woman taste-testing a meal they are preparing.

Contact Our Coaches

For additional information on how to enroll, contact the Lifestyle Medicine Center at 401-793-7837.

Health coaches know that you are the expert of your own life. It’s their job to support you, not judge you. You decide what’s important to you. Using a variety of behavior change approaches designed to help you identify goals, build momentum, and overcome barriers, you’ll have a support team with you the whole way. 

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