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Self-Awareness: The Key to Your Health

Lifestyle medicine is a branch of medicine that uses evidence-based behavioral interventions - or lifestyle changes - to optimize health and wellness. Lifestyle medicine providers can assist you by providing tools to help you take charge of your health. Using these tools and learning self-awareness allows you to play the biggest role in managing your health condition. 

At the Lifespan Lifestyle Medicine Center, we welcome men and women with conditions that can best benefit from self-management. These include obesity, sedentary lifestyles, chronic joint and muscle pain, poor sleep habits, digestive issues, and other chronic illnesses. We work with you to identify your individual needs and goals to help guide the lifestyle changes most likely to benefit you and, most importantly, that will be sustainable long-term. This approach helps support your personal goals and helps you to achieve a lifestyle that feels best for you, both in body and mind. 

Visiting our Lifestyle Medicine Center can be a first step toward self-awareness.

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Acupuncture can help relieve discomfort associated with a variety of conditions.

massage therapy

Chiropractic Care

Our staff takes a functional approach to help you treat conditions like low back pain, neck pain and headaches, and hip and leg pain. 

What Is Self-Awareness?

Self-awareness is having the ability to think about your lifestyle objectively and consider your behaviors and lifestyle “reality.” Having self-awareness allows you to identify your emotions, be attuned to your body, be perceptive to your behavior patterns and value your personal strengths. Those with self-awareness are best able to find the determination and perseverance to overcome obstacles.

Lifestyle medicine providers can assist you on your journey to self-awareness by teaching you ways to overcome negative self-talk and evaluate your beliefs as they pertain to what it means to be “healthy.” For example, we explore your understanding of what it means to be active, examine beliefs such as how you view weight and dieting, and define stressors that impair your ability to move toward a healthier way of feeling and being. We are all more likely to align our behavior with our goals when we achieve self-awareness. It is with this skill that you can start to develop confidence in your own ability to follow through on advice that you find helpful.

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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Our Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course is an intensive 8-week course designed to help you cultivate and strengthen your own inner resources for healing and well-being amid the challenges of life. 

How can you achieve self-awareness?

Most patients say that when they enter the Lifestyle Medicine Center, they find it more relaxing than a medical appointment. The quiet, inviting setting enables them to step out of a busy day and busy mind. We offer many programs - such as yoga, massage, acupuncture, intuitive eating, mindfulness-based stress reduction, and movement - each geared toward developing a different aspect of self-awareness. Our care team is interested not only in understanding what motivated you to come to the center, but also in learning more about you and your quality of life.

After learning about all the programs we have to offer, you may choose to take a group movement class or discuss your eating habits. Our focus is not on working your muscles or counting calories, but instead on being attuned to your body’s movement and understanding what you enjoy about the foods you eat. Instead of focusing on the number of hours of sleep you are getting, we help you identify how your sleep patterns affect your mood. A focus on mindfulness and self-care allows you to turn inward and to practice self-appraisal.

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Our Services

Our lifestyle medicine team works with you to identify areas that you would like to improve through services like nutrition counseling, massage therapy, health coaching, and the Healthy Way program.

Our team’s knowledge of lifestyle medicine and structured guidance can help you develop the self-awareness necessary to maximize your potential to achieve a healthy lifestyle, reach your goals and sustain long-term success.

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