What to Expect

What to Expect
Balancing chronic medical conditions
with sexual health
can help to maintain
healthy relationships and wellbeing
throughout all stages of life.

Prior to your visit, you and your loved one will complete questionnaires that provide background information regarding sexual and overall health. You will undergo a physical exam and, when appropriate, a psychological assessment. You may also undergo:

  • Laboratory evaluations
  • Blood vessel elasticity measurements of cardiac health
  • A Doppler ultrasound to measure blood flow to the penis

Following these tests, you will return for a summary of findings and recommendations. Treatments and therapies may include:

  • Oral medications
  • Medications inserted into the urethra
  • Medications injected into the shaft of the penis
  • Use of a vacuum erection device (VED)
  • Therapy with a sexual psychologist
  • Referral to a urologist for evaluation for a penile implant, if applicable

A copy of your evaluation will be mailed to both your urologist and primary care clinician. If you are found to be at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease, we will make recommendations to your urologist or primary care physician to lower this risk, or will refer you to a cardiologist.

Contact us to learn more or to make an appointment at the Men's Health Center at The Miriam Hospital.