Ongoing/Upcoming Studies

The Mood Disorders Program at Rhode Island Hospital evaluates and treats mood disorders such as major depression, chronic major depression, and bipolar disorder. This program is affiliated with Brown University and conducts studies sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health, private foundations, pharmaceutical companies, and the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at Brown University.

In addition to the studies below, the Mood Disorders Program collaborates on ongoing studies in the Division of Neuropsychiatry at Rhode Island Hospital.

  • Depression, Treatment and Maintenance Study
    This study will look at the long-term effectiveness of a psychotropic medication for the treatment of adults with major depressive disorder by evaluating the patient's quality of life and the sustained improvement of depressive symptoms over time.
  • The MoBI Project
    The aim of this study is to test a low-cost intervention for family members/caregivers of patients with bipolar disorder. Caring for a family member who has bipolar illness can be stressful, cause disruption in the family, and increase anxiety. We will be testing an intervention to help family members/caregivers improve their quality of life by addressing any symptoms of depression or anxiety they may have and increase their use of available community resources. Patients will continue to see their own health care providers during the study. Because this is a pilot program, we will be limiting the number of caregivers and patients in the study to 20.
  • Managing Depression Study
    This study offers an intervention for patients who continue to experience depressive symptoms despite receiving ongoing treatment. Patients continue to see their own doctor and therapist during the study. The intervention is designed to help patients and their families manage their depression more effectively and to improve their quality of life. Phase I of the study lasts 16 weeks and Phase II provides 8 months of follow-up. Ten patients and ten family members are already enrolled; the recruitment goal is 15.

Participating in Research

Research programs are at no cost to eligible participants. Qualified research participants receive:

  • A comprehensive psychiatric evaluation to establish diagnosis and to evaluate severity
  • Careful monitoring of disorder by a professional team of clinicians and researchers
  • Treatment protocols that may include medication and/or individual and family therapies
  • A multidisciplinary team approach to treatment by psychiatrists, psychologists, and family therapists
  • Free assessments and outpatient appointments
  • Reimbursement for participation in certain research studies

More Information

To find out whether you qualify for one of the ongoing studies in the Mood Disorders Program at Rhode Island Hospital, please call 401-444-3942.