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Care Between Pregnancies (Interpregnancy Care)

Our “whole picture” approach to healthy pregnancies means we care about your health between pregnancies too. Our obstetric medicine team is now offering comprehensive interpregnancy medical care to reproductive age women who are age 18 to 40 years old. 

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What is interpregnancy medical care and why is it important?

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Regardless of the outcome of their pregnancies (e.g., miscarriage, preterm, full-term delivery), all women who have been pregnant should receive interpregnancy care. For women with chronic medical conditions, interpregnancy care provides an opportunity to optimize your health before another pregnancy. 

We address complications or medical issues that developed during pregnancy, assess mental and physical well-being, assist with reproductive life planning, provide vaccinations and routine screenings, and develop a plan to improve outcomes of future pregnancies and maximize your long-term health.

Our team of physicians are board certified in internal medicine and specialize in caring for reproductive age women. They hold academic appointments at The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University.  

Courtney Bilodeau, MD FACP, CLC
Lucia Larson, MD, FACP
Niharika Mehta, MD
Peg Miller, MD, FACP

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