Home Hemodialysis

nephrology readingRhode Island Hospital is pleased to offer the state's first and largest home hemodialysis program. This program offers dialysis patients who are suffering from kidney failure the opportunity to remain at home for treatment using a portable dialysis machine. Approximately one percent of all hemodialysis patients nationwide receive the treatment in their homes.

The portable dialysis machine fits easily in the trunk of most cars, making it easy to transport home. Unlike typical dialysis machines, which require 200 to 300 liters of water per treatment, the portable machine only requires 30 liters, and does not require any special alterations to a patient's home or apartment.

Patients interested in using home hemodialysis need to go through an initial assessment for eligibility. Then they will take part in a three-week training program to learn how to use the machine.

If you would like to receive more information about home hemodialysis, please call the dialysis center at 401-444-4440.