Former U.S. ski team doctor now seeing patients in Newport

Orthopedic surgeon Rolf Langeland, M.D., a lifelong skier and athlete, has expertise in getting injured patients back on course.

Born in Norway, Rolf Langeland, M.D., was just two years old when he was buckled into his first pair of ski boots.

Skiing proved to be a lifelong passion, as did cycling, soccer, and many other sports. Ultimately, sports influenced his career choice – orthopedic surgery.

“I was drawn to orthopedic surgery because of my love of sports and an active lifestyle. I have dedicated my career to maintaining and restoring an active life for myself and my patients,” says Langeland, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with Newport Orthopedics, a Lifespan Physician Group practice he joined in January. The practice is part of the Orthopedics Institute at Rhode Island, The Miriam and Newport hospitals.

From 1998 to 2005, Langeland had a skier’s dream job, serving as physician to the U.S. Ski Team. During that time, he accompanied the world’s best skiers on slopes around the world, from Vail to the European Alps.

While traveling with the women’s downhill ski team during a meet, an athlete had a bad fall and fractured her tibia. With expertise in trauma reconstruction, Langeland was able to provide immediate triage care before the team member was airlifted off the mountain for surgery.  She recovered and returned to competition the following year.

Fellowship-trained in arthroscopic sports medicine surgery, Langeland specializes in treating the highest levels of sports injury, including knee, shoulder, and elbow ligament reconstruction and replacement.

His position with Newport Orthopedics is a homecoming of sorts for Langeland, who summered in Newport as a child and teen.

“I have been a part of the Newport community off and on since 1968,” he says. “I am proud to be here full time as your local orthopedic surgeon.”