Newport Orthopedics Patient Stories

Sarah Sullivan at work at Newport Hospital.

Sarah’s Story

Sarah had shoulder pain, dating back to childhood. A  severe injury at home was the final impetus to get repair surgery. 

"I credit Dr. Budacki for his meticulous work for how quickly I was able to recover.” - Sarah Sullivan

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Marie Twomey plays tennis after a total knee replacement surgery.

Marie’s Story

Marie is a lifelong athlete, playing tennis, golf, and softball. She was active until the pain in her right knee made it hard for her to walk. Then she met Dr. Michael Mason.

"The whole experience was amazing.” - Marie Twomey

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Cynthia O’Malley takes a walk in Newport.

Cynthia’s Story

Cynthia O’Malley has always traveled extensively. So when she began to experience severe pain, interfering with her ability to walk, she knew she had to act.  

"Dr. Mason is an incredibly skilled doctor.” - Cynthia O’Malley

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Doug walks his dog in Newport's old burial ground

Doug’s Story

Doug Ernest, drummer and dog lover, turned to Dr. Michael Mason when he needed a new knee.

"Dr. Mason is so happy and confident...his demeanor makes such a difference.” - Doug Ernest

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Judy’s Story

Judy McLennan, a fixture in the Newport sailing world, was faced with the prospect of a hip replacement. She turned to Dr. Michael Mason, an orthopedic surgeon with Newport Orthopedics. 

"You really feel Dr. Mason cares about you.” - Judy McLennan

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Art’s Story

Art Berluti, a Middletown, RI resident, and well-known and long-time local radio personality on WADK AM in Newport, found himself, unexpectedly, a patient at Newport Orthopedics.

"I really credit [my surgeon's] handiwork for my quick recovery.” - Art Berluti

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