Sports Medicine at Newport Orthopedics

When you are injured while exercising or playing your favorite sport, you want expert treatment that will get you back in the game.

Our fellowship-trained and board-certified sports medicine physicians provide specialized care to restore patients to their normal levels of athletic activity as well as their everyday lives.

Whether you’re on a team or just leading an active lifestyle, our comprehensive sports medicine services can get you back to your personal peak performance and help you prevent future injury.

Sports medicine services at Newport Orthopedics include diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and surgery for sport-related injuries. The goal is to return you to your accustomed level of activity. Our emphasis on injury prevention ensures an optimal recovery and the safest possible return to sports.

To assess your injuries quickly, we offer same day or next day appointments, and our clinicians are easily accessible for follow-up questions by calling our direct office line. Diagnostic imaging and physical therapy services are conveniently located within Newport Hospital.

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