Norman Prince Spine Institute

Center for Innovative Neurotechnology for Neural Repair (CINNR)

The Center for Innovative Neurotechnology for Neural Repair (CINNR) is a partnership among Lifespan, Brown University, and commercial and government partners that seeks to develop technology for patients with spinal cord injury for the restoration of lower extremity use and bladder function.

The CINNR is currently in phase one of the Intelligent Spinal Interface (ISI) study, funded by the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Two sets of electrodes are surgically implanted in the participant’s spine, one above and one below the site of injury. Through a set of wires, the electrodes will transmit data to a computer, and are removed two to three weeks later.

Research to Help Repair Spine Injury

Physicians and researchers at Lifespan and Brown University introduce the CINNR initiatives and new facility.

The second and third phases, funded through the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), will move toward an all-in-one implanted system.

The goal is to develop a clinical tool to help patients with significant or complete spinal cord injuries:

  • Be able to walk again
  • Build up feeling or sensation
  • Improve bladder or bowel function

The project includes several commercial subcontractors, including Micro Leads, Intel, and Modular Bionics.

For more information about CINNR or the study, contact us at 401-444-4362 or [email protected].

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Innovative Research

Watch the WPRI segment on the Norman Prince Spine Institute and Brown University working together at CINNR to research the effectiveness of spinal implants on paralyzed veterans and other patients.