Patient Testimonials

Patient CynthiaTo Lucie and all the midwives and doctors at Ob-Gyn Associates: Thank you for the care you gave me before and during my pregnancy and during my super-fast labor and delivery. My husband and I are grateful for your fantastic care during this special time. The road to having our son was long, and we appreciate the compassion and expertise with which we were treated.

Cynthia Roberts



Patient Michelle I am very pleased with the practice as a whole. I found everyone to be extremely understanding and attentive to my needs.
Michelle Williams




LaurieDear Dr. Perry: Words simply can't express how much it meant to us to see you at Women & Infants when Kendal was born. You saw us through such a difficult period in our lives in 2005 and having you be part of our joyous experience was incredibly special. We truly appreciate you taking the time, but even more importantly, for all you have done for our family - you gave us hope and let us believe in the amazing future we are living.
Laurie Bazerman



Patient JaniceTo Ob-Gyn Associates Staff: Thank you all so much for the wonderful care during my pregnancy. I know every day it's "just a job" for you, but I want you all to know that you really do make a difference. To go to a place where individual attention is important is huge! You don't just feel like "just another patient"... you all make each person feel special and that alone is such a comfort. I truly felt cared for both physically and emotionally and what could be more important during pregnancy!
Janis Enciso



Patient CarlaTo the Midwives: I would like to thank each and every one of you for the excellent care you provided to me throughout my entire pregnancy. Being a nurse myself in triage at Women & Infants, I still had questions and concerns, especially in regards to my decision to have a vaginal birth after Cesarean. ...You were all so supportive in my decision for AVBAC. Now I can proudly say that I was a successful VBAC...You are all so wonderful and caring to your patients.
Carla Wilbur


Patient JoanneWhen I was looking for a new Ob-Gyn physician, I was very happy to discover that Ob-Gyn Associates had opened a very convenient location right in Wakefield. And even better, my physician, Dr. Meera Varma, was already familiar to me in the local community, even attending classes at the same gym as me. What a winning combination - professional care, a wonderful bedside manner, the comfort of a female practitioner, and an affiliation with Women & Infants Hospital. I am incredibly happy with my choice!
Joanne Colston



Patient JackieTo All the Amazing Doctors and Staff at Ob-Gyn Associates: I really don't even know how I could thank you all for all you've done for us throughout my roller-coaster pregnancies. I am unbelievably grateful for everyone's care, concern and thoughts on bringing my "miracle" Vincent into this world. Without you all, it couldn't have happened. You are all amazing! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Jackie DaSilva


Patients GaylordWords can not express the thanks and gratitude we have for your (Lucie Bautista) caring, compassion and skill during the delivery of our daughter Allison. Sitting by our side during those long hours, then saving Allison's life through your quick actions. We are indebted to you for the rest of our lives.
Michael & Lauren Gaylord



Patient ABTo the Midwives and all Staff at Ob-Gyn Associates: Thank you so much for the great care and attention we received through our pregnancy, labor and delivery. You have all been so wonderful – words cannot express! We tell everyone and anyone who will listen about how great your practice is and what individualized care you provide.
Annie LaBrie



Patient VictoriaDear Dr. Walker: Thank you for all your help with your delivery of Gus…your voice was the only thing that cut through the pain. I was so glad that you knew what was happening to me, as I didn’t at all; now that I have a wonderful boy I feel great!
Victoria Baeger



Patient MeredithDr. Walker: Thank you so much for all the care and support you gave throughout the preparation and birth of our beautiful daughter. We couldn’t have asked for a better doctor. We feel so blessed that you were there for us; you made it so much easier. Thank you for everything.
Meredith Crittenden 



Patient MeganDr. Dambek: Thank you so much for taking such good care of me during my pregnancy and delivery. It was so reassuring to know that you were monitoring me throughout my pregnancy. How perfect that Luke decided to be born while you were on call! I think it is great that you were the first to welcome him, and it means so much to have had you there during the whole process.
Megan Brock


During my first pregnancy, I was referred to Ob-Gyn Associates by several friends who had recently delivered. I was enormously grateful for the care I received from the practice. I had many questions and felt reassured by the way the nurses responded to my calls quickly and knowledgeably. The doctors supported my husband and I as we charted into the unknown territory of becoming parents. We always knew we were receiving the best care possible. Postpartum, we were surprised to be visited twice daily by staff from Ob-Gyn Associates, both doctors and midwives, who made us feel truly cared for. Pregnancy is not easy, but having competent and thorough care went a long way toward our feeling confident that we were doing the best for ourselves and our baby.

Not only is Dr. Perry a gifted surgeon, but she is caring and thorough. She has the ability to instill confidence and the women I have recommended her to couldn't agree more. They thanked me for recommending her. She is a real gem. I am fortunate to have her as my doctor.
Joyce Hurvitz